2020: What does the future hold? With Darma’s Andrew Keys

It’s my pleasure and honor to continue the Ethereum Community Series. About a year ago, the idea of talking to community members morphed into a YouTube/podcast series including jtnichol, Ameen from Spankchain, Paul Brody and Vitalik, among other wonderful guests. After taking a small break, I’ll continue the series with Andrew Keys.

Please check Andrew’s post, 20 Blockchain Predictions for 2020. Andrew is on Twitter, and here’s his bio from Darma:

As Managing Partner at DARMA Capital, Andrew manages global business development and product strategy. Prior to DARMA Capital, Andrew was Head of Global Business Development and created much of the financial service offerings at ConsenSys, the world’s leading software company producing Ethereum blockchain solutions. Andrew remains on the Board of Advisors to ConsenSys.

During his tenure at ConsenSys, Andrew demonstrated the importance of blockchain tech in digitizing the global economy to central banks and Fortune 500 companies. In doing so, Andrew co-created the first Ethereum Blockchain-as-a-Service offering with Microsoft and launched the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an open-source cross-industry initiative that has grown into the largest open-source blockchain business consortium on Earth.

Andrew comes to DARMA Capital with a wealth of capital markets, technology, and entrepreneurial experience. Previously, Andrew worked for UBS in equities analysis. Later, he was responsible for the creation and distribution of alternative asset insurance products to hedge funds. After, he co-founded a healthcare revenue cycle management company, where he learned the inefficiencies of legacy databases and payment processing systems. This realization led Andrew to blockchain, Ethereum, ConsenSys, and then to DARMA Capital.

Andrew graduated from Loyola University in Maryland and the University of Auckland with degrees in economics and international finance.

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