Author: Krok

  • 2020: What does the future hold? With Darma’s Andrew Keys

    As Managing Partner at DARMA Capital, Andrew manages global business development and product strategy. Prior to DARMA Capital, Andrew was Head of Global Business Development and created much of the financial service offerings at ConsenSys, the world’s leading software company producing Ethereum blockchain solutions. Andrew remains on the Board of Advisors to ConsenSys.

  • Camila Russo

    Camila Russo is a financial journalist who's writing a book on the early days of Ethereum. She previously worked for Bloomberg in New York, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

  • Chaz Schmidt

    Chaz is a core contributor of EthHub, content writer @ settlefinance... and he's working on a secret new project. He's also a research analyst at readysetcrypto.

  • Vitalik Buterin

    Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder and chief researcher of Ethereum.

  • Ameen Soleimani

    Ameen Soleimani is the founder of Spankchain and the MolochDAO.

  • Jeremiah Nichol

    jtnichol is a moderator at r/ethtrader, famous for shooting donuts, Kansas style BBQ and his big hugs.