Jeremiah Nichol

Hey fam,
Welcome to the first talk of the series! /u/jtnichol and I just got off the phone! We had a great conversation thanks to the questions submitted. I’m using the built-in webcam so low resolution, but the audio quality is quite decent.

Link to YouTube:
Link to MP3:

The questions (chronologically)


  • Can you share a little bit about the place where you’re sitting right now?
  • Who are you and what are your interests? What is your background?
  • What, if anything, did you study?
  • Who do you look up to, and if it’s nobody in particular, where do you go for advice?
  • Where can people learn more about you? (blog, youtube channel, twitter?)


  • Do you regret hodling through 2018?
  • Is your faith in the system stronger than ever?
  • Do you hold conversations with your dog?
  • Ever met Vitalik? Gavin? Andreas? (impressions?)
  • Are you still keto?
  • Any of your family interested in crypto?

EthTrader Questions (some have been grouped together)


  • What was the toughest time for the sub, in your opinion – both as a mod and as a general community member. Either a single event, a particular price, certain people. etc. Conversely, what times have you enjoyed your role as mod?
  • What can we do to make these times happen more frequently / strengthen the community?


  • What is the most memorable of your Mod actions here on Ethtrader ?
  • If you could implement one new sub rule (let’s call it Rule XI) what would it be?
  • Do you see yourself moderating /r/ethtrader in 5 years ?
  • What was the ETH bullish trend that you’ve enjoyed the most in our sub ?
  • Was there any moment that price action and consequent reactions to it in our sub discussions made you feel that you wouldn’t want to be a Moderator anymore ?
  • How much did your work as Moderator increase from January 2017 to May-June 2017 (/r/ethtraderexploded maybe 10x in subscriptions during that timeframe) ?


  • How were you first introduced to Ethereum?

u/retericalnice guy[+5]

  • What is the latest on Devcon 7? And how can I help?


  • You’ve been here a while, probably longer than most.
  • In what notable ways have you seen the ethtrader community change as the Ethereum blockchain has matured?
  • What would you like to see more / less of in this community over the next 2 years?


  • What’s your “go to” KC style bbq marinade/rub recipe?
  • u/10231984
  • Favorite meat to cook? Favorite things to check out/do in KC?


  • Are there any Ethtraders that you haven’t heard from in a while that you wish would come back to the daily? heard from in a while that you wish would come back to the daily?
  • When you’ve had a day where redditors or students test your patience, what do you do to remain calm, blow off steam, or unwind?


  • What are some of the other crypto related youtube channels you subscribe to?


  • Favorite music? Favorite artist?*


  • We all know that you work in the US public school system, so it seems that extending some of your ethtrader mission to your real world job would naturally follow.
  • Is blockchain a current or future topic for your school’s curriculum?
  • Do you think Educators in general have good awareness of the increasing impacts of blockchain and DLT on society and are ready to prepare our students for that future?
  • Aside from blockchain as a topic of study, do you also see any specific use cases for this technology in school administration?


  • What do you think about TA? Are you using TA yourself?
  • Whom do you follow on Twitter / YouTube and can recommend in terms of development but also price prediction
  • How much are you interested in price trends and price predictions or are you only worried about the /r/ethtrader community? (:
  • When do you expect ETH to hit ATH again (do you expect it at all)?
  • What do you think about the comeback of u/ScienceGuy9489[+1] and his predictions? Do you share the cult?


  • Where in SE Kansas? Along old 169 lies Iola, Humboldt, Chanute, Coffeeville–all 💝 Norman Rockwell-ish settings w/ based, no-nonsense, solid folks as you seem to be.
  • Do you remember the area’s invasion by Amazon with its headline-inducing, first-of-kind warehouse operation? It suddenly made small-town Kansans cool to be aligned front/center with raging new technology.
  • Did Amazon or any of the other Giants spur your devotion to tech? If so, how? If not, what did?

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Old reddit or Redesign?
  • Hall&Oates or Fleetwood Mac?
  • PoS or $3000 ETH?
  • East Coast or West Coast?
  • Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash?
  • Europe or Asia?
  • A dinner date with Roger Ver or Craig Wright?
  • A dinner date with Vlad Zamfir or Joe Lubin?
  • Another year like 2017, or another one like 2018?

Mentioned in the talk

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